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My Latest Quilt Creations

I haven't posted new photos is a LONG time. Well, now is the time!

This quilt is a customer quilt. The blocks were hand pieced/appliqued by her mother-in-law. Mrs. Strube, my customer, has sewn them into a quilt top for a family member. I added some "heirloom-look" quilting. Mrs. Strube request a fleur de lis in the quarter circle base to the Grandmother's fan. Then I added traditional-look stitching to the fan blades, echo quilting outside the fan edge, and a decorative feather in each square's opposite corner. Feather borders complete this time-honored look.

This one I designed and made for Jim Schwartz as a retirement gift. Jim was the first Director of the Wyoming Livestock Board and retired in 2011. The quilt features Wyoming brands of some of his many ranching buddies, and it features the Bucking Horse and Rider trademark of Wyoming. It was great fun making this quilt.



The quilting design was specially designed for me and uses the WYO lettering, the Horse and Rider design.
These designs are trademarks of the State of Wyoming/University of Wyoming and are used under license by Stephanie Logan and Sheep Camp Quilt Supply.




This lovely quilt was made by Dot Schuiling. It was hand-embroidered by her mother-in-law, then Dot machine pieced together. I quilted it with a traditional cross-hatch in the blocks and stylized roses in the sashing and border. Echo quilting lines around each embroidered design helps to set it off and to separate it from the cross-hatching.


My grandmother Geraud hand-embroidered white stitchery on this circa 1950's card table cloth. She also applied the crocheted edging. Well, what do you do with a table cloth designed for a card table? Back in the '50's and '60's it was very important to have a luncheon cloth for your table when serving tea and goodies during a break in the Bridge games. But, we don't do this any more.

I turned it into a wall-hanging for my sister's home. I applied faux trapunto to the embroidered roses and created a trapunto effect to the center design. Because I didn't want to lose the crocheted edging I didn't stitch close to the edges so that I could turn under the backing and hand stitch it to the back edge of this top along the edge of the crochet work. It was a fun experiment with my longarm, and my sister loves this family heirloom with a new purpose!


This "funky sunflower" quilt is one I pieced, appliqued and quilted. It is from a pattern by "The Quilted Button" and I was fortunate enough to be able to teach this technique (using a 10-degree wedge ruler) to the The Never Sweat Needlers Quilt Guild in Dubois, Wyoming.

This is "Pablo", my quilting machine. It is a Gammill Optimum with the Statler Stitcher. Some folks think I turn on the computers, click a button and off it goes, doing all the stitching for me! If only it WAS that simple! Keeping a quilt "square", applying the best patterns to fit and accent the quilt's design, stitching in the ditch of all borders and sashing, etc. As smart as Pablo is, he just doesn't do anything that I don't tell him what to do and exactly where to do it! Honest! The quilt on the machine was a sampler made by square dance friends for our "caller" and his wife who moved away. It was given with much love, and accepted with humility and tears! What fun we had making this quilt!!