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What is Quilts of Valor?

The Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded by Catherine Roberts, a Blue Star mom, when her son, Nathaniel, was sent to serve in Iraq. She sought a way to comfort soldiers who were returning from war. That was when she hit upon the idea of making a quilt. This quilt would be like wrapping the soldier receiving it in a hug of comfort, a way to show appreciation for the soldier's efforts and sacrifices for all he (or she) did toward keeping us safe and our freedoms intact.

Quilts of Valor (QOVs) are pieced by a "topper", quilted by a "quilter", and then returned to the "topper" for binding, sewing on the label, and placing in a coordinating pillow case made for the quilt that we call the presentation case to be given to a soldier who has stood in harm's way in the face of war.

This is a national foundation. Please go to to learn more about this worthy program. There are also some very inspiring videos on this web site. Also, by visiting the Quilts of Valor Foundation website you can find contact information for a QOVF coordinator in your state.

Sheep Camp Quilts' QOV group meets from 10 am to about 3 pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month (unless it is a holiday).  During this day we plan, cut, or sew quilt tops and/or presentation cases. We may box up quilts to be sent out to various locations around the globe. There is always something to be done to prepare for presentations, prepare for local events, or just to take stock of where we are and where we need to go.

Everyone is welcome to join us. You are encouraged to bring a sewing machine, possible quilt ideas, and a covered dish lunch item to share. For more information, please call the shop at 307-856-1468, or contact Stephanie via e-mail at

The Quilts of Valor Foundation has a Wyoming Coordinator at Sheep Camp Quilt Supply -- Stephanie Logan, owner, has been the coordinator for several years. If you or someone you know has served in country and stood in the face of war, and you know he/she should be the recipient of a Quilt of Valor, please contact Stephanie. She would be most honored to award you, your loved one or friend a healing, honoring Quilt that also says, "Welcome Home."

For the most accurate, up-to-date information on the specific requirements for a Quilt of Valor (size, fabrics, batting, etc.), please visit the how to make a Quilt of Valor Quilt at

Any soldier/veteran who has been touched by war is eligible to receive a Quilt of Valor. Again, "The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor."  To request a healing quilt, please go to the QOVF website or click here:

There are many ways in which you can help us make Quilts of Valor. First, whether you know how to quilt or not, you can make a Quilt of Valor. This is a wonderful program that we are participating in. If you already have fabrics waiting and wanting to be made into a quilt that could be used to comfort a soldier, male or female, you can certainly make it up and donate it to our local group of the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF) at Sheep Camp Quilts. Also, you can join our QOV group on the 3rd Thursday of each and every month at Sheep Camp Quilts shop and help us make quilt tops, stitch bindings, labels, make pillowcases, etc. 

If you have a quilt top and are a member of the Foundation or a Quilts of Valor group, you can request a longarmer at the QOVF website:

Should you like to have help finding a person to receive your quilted and bound quilt, visit "destinations" at the QOVF website:

Also, there are many patterns ( quilts, instructions and a video for making the presentation case (, plus stories of giving and receiving these quilts of valor.  

If you have awarded a Quilt of Valor to a soldier or veteran who has served in the face of war, as per the Quilts of Valor Foundation guidelines, we urge you to report this award through our web site so that we can keep track of the number of quilts awarded. Please follow this link to the QOVF web page to document this award. Just follow the instructions on each page; it is easy and will only take a minute! We thank you so very much for doing this.